Halloween Trick or Treat Event 2017

Happy Halloween!!


Knock knock! Trick or Treat!

On Friday the 13th, dreamLab hosted a Halloween Trick or Treating Event. It was really fun to wear a Halloween costume and walk around IWAKI! Thank you to La Stanza(スタンツァ), ポレポレいわき polepoleiwaki OFFICIAL, メガネと補聴器の専門店 和光 平店, パティスリー アンジェリーク@いわき, and “ichi”(託児サービス付カフェ) for all your delicious treats! And a special thank you to our Alt friends for volunteering to help take care of the students! Dean Shim, Chassis Lyons, Danny Rodriguez, Martin Roberts.

PA131096.jpgPA131125.JPGPA131081.JPGPA131090.jpghalloween3.jpgPA131108.JPGPA131121.JPGPA131120.jpg22561145_10214207184523113_1957577795_o (1).jpg22522540_844267612407337_80248233_o.jpgWe hope everyone had a fun night!