Planning for Summer Camp

Every year, we create a plan for summer camp. It’s a lot of work but we plan everything while thinking about our the students. We try to make everyday an insightful learning experience with a blast of fun. Last year we created a curriculum based around travelling the world and learning about the many diffierent countries. We also went camping last year as well, which turned out to be blazing hot and infested with ABU bugs. This year, we plan on travelling around Iwaki and learn to become ambassadors for people that visit Iwaki. Our goal is to learn about where we come from (IWAKI) and be able to present our strengths to visitors. For example, “How can we improve Iwaki’s image or attract tourism?”

So far we are planning on taking a trip to Yumoto, Hisanohama, Onahama, or Yotsukura and speak with locals in each area. We look forward to learning and experiencing a new side of Iwaki and hope the students will have an amazzing Summer Camp! Thanks for reading -Toshi Sensei

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